We send seedlings mainly from mid-March to mid-July, but in fact, we send the plants all year round. If nature allows us, we adjust the date of plant delivery to the customer of the need.

    Total stock

    Due to the constantly coming orders, the actual availability of plants may differ from the data in the file below.
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    Update 06-11-2023
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    3,700Aronia melanocarpa 'Hugin'MP104Direct
    5,700Aronia prunifolia 'Nero'MP104Direct
    2,600Aronia prunifolia 'Viking'MP104Direct
    200Berberis media 'Parkjuweel'MP150Direct
    2,400Berberis media 'Red Jewel'MP150Direct
    2,450Berberis ott. 'Auricoma'MP150Direct
    750Berberis ott. 'Silver Miles'MP150Direct
    650Berberis ott. 'Superba'MP150Direct
    10.000+Berberis thunb. 'Atropurpurea Nana'MP150Direct
    8,400Berberis thunb. 'Aurea'MP150Direct
    3,350Berberis thunb. 'Bagatelle'MP150Direct
    4,250Berberis thunb. 'Carmen'MP150Direct
    1,500Berberis thunb. 'Chocolate Summer'PBR ®MP150Direct
    4,800Berberis thunb. 'Concorde'MP150Direct
    3,150Berberis thunb. 'Coral' PBR ®MP150Direct
    3,250Berberis thunb. 'Coronita'MP150Direct
    5,400Berberis thunb. 'Dart's Red Lady'MP150Direct
    2,000Berberis thunb. 'Florence' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,400Berberis thunb. 'Golden Ring'MP150Direct
    1,250Berberis thunb. 'Green Bird' PBR ®MP150Direct
    350Berberis thunb. 'Green Carpet'MP150Direct
    6,200Berberis thunb. 'Harlequin'MP150Direct
    2,400Berberis thunb. 'Helmond Pillar'MP150Direct
    5,400Berberis thunb. 'Kobold'MP150Direct
    1,200Berberis thunb. 'Maria' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,750Berberis thunb. 'Natasza' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,950Berberis thunb. 'Orange Carpet' MP150Direct
    1,250Berberis thunb. 'Orange Sunrise' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,300Berberis thunb. 'Pink Bird' PBR ®MP150Direct
    4,600Berberis thunb. 'Pink Queen'MP150Direct
    3,250Berberis thunb. 'Powwow'MP150Direct
    1,250Berberis thunb. 'Red Chief'MP150Direct
    1,800Berberis thunb. 'Red Compact'MP150Direct
    9,700Berberis thunb. 'Red Pillar'MP150Direct
    10.000+Berberis thunb. 'Red Rocket'MP150Direct
    5,400Berberis thunb. 'Rose Glow'MP150Direct
    3,650Berberis thunb. 'Ruby Star' PBR ® MP150Direct
    3,400Berberis thunb. 'Summer Sunset' PBR ®MP150Direct
    5,700Berberis thunb. 'Yellow Bird' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,100Buddleja dav. 'African Queen'MP104Direct
    10.000+Buddleja dav. 'Black Knight'MP104Direct
    10.000+Buddleja dav. 'Empire Blue'MP104Direct
    1,900Buddleja dav. 'Fascinating'MP104Direct
    800Buddleja dav. 'Gulliver' PBRMP104Direct
    6,800Buddleja dav. 'Ile de France'MP104Direct
    2,400Buddleja dav. 'Moonshine' ('Buddma') PBRMP104Direct
    3,600Buddleja dav. 'Nanho Blue'MP150Direct
    1,400Buddleja dav. 'Nanho Purple'MP150Direct
    2,450Buddleja dav. 'Nanho White'MP150Direct
    1,450Buddleja dav. 'Orchid Beauty'MP104Direct
    750Buddleja dav. Peacock ('Peakeep'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Buddleja dav. 'Pink Delight'MP104Direct
    2,500Buddleja dav. 'Pink Panter' PBR ®MP104Direct
    5,500Buddleja dav. 'Royal Red'MP104Direct
    7,000Buddleja dav. 'White Profusion'MP104Direct
    1,700Buddleja 'Dreaming Purple' PBR ®MP104Direct
    900Buddleja flutterby T. 'Pink' PBR ®MP104Direct
    2,400Buddleja 'Lochinch'MP104Direct
    10.000+Buddleja weyeriana 'Flower PowerMP104Direct
    2,200Buddleja weyeriana 'Sungold'MP104Direct
    1,450Buddleja 'White Ball'MP104Direct
    900Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion'MP104Direct
    7,200Caryopteris cland. 'Grand Bleu' ('Inoveris') PBRMP150Direct
    10.000+Caryopteris cland. 'Heavenly Blue'MP150Direct
    3,100Caryopteris cland. 'Hint of Gold' ('Lisaura'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    2,500Caryopteris cland. 'Kew Blue'MP150Direct
    2,650Caryopteris Stephi ('Lissteph'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    4,800Caryopteris cland. 'Sterling Silver' ('Lissilv'PBR)®MP150Direct
    6,100Caryopteris cland. 'Summer Sorbet' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,050Caryopteris cland. 'White Surprise'PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,500Caryopteris cland. 'Worcester Gold'MP150Direct
    3,400Chaenomeles j. 'Sargentii'MP150Direct
    4,150Chaenomeles spec. 'Nivalis'MP150Direct
    3,550Chaenomeles sup. 'Crimson and Gold'MP150Direct
    3,300Chaenomeles sup. 'Fire Dance'MP150Direct
    200Chaenomeles sup. 'Jet Trail'MP150Direct
    1,500Chaenomeles sup. 'Nicoline'MP150Direct
    5,200Chaenomeles sup. 'Orange Trail'MP150Direct
    4,300Chaenomeles sup. 'Pink Lady'MP150Direct
    2,500Chaenomeles sup. 'Pink Trail'MP150Direct
    2,500Chaenomeles sup. 'Red Trail'MP150Direct
    500Chaenomeles sup. 'Texas Scarlet'MP150Direct
    1,050Clethra alnifoliaMP150Direct
    1,800Clethra alnifolia 'Pink Spire'MP104Direct
    1,200Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'MP104Direct
    10.000+Cornus alba 'Aurea'MP104Direct
    10.000+Cornus alba 'Bailhalo' PBR ('Ivory Halo') ®MP104Direct
    2,000Cornus alba 'Cream Cracker' PBR ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'MP104Direct
    6,400Cornus alba 'Gouchaultii'MP104Direct
    10.000+Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'MP104Direct
    5,200Cornus alba 'Regnzam' ('Red Gnome')MP104Direct
    8,200Cornus alba 'Siberian Pearls'MP104Direct
    8,800Cornus alba 'Sibirica'MP104Direct
    3,650Cornus alba 'Spaethii'MP104Direct
    150Cornus amomum 'Blue Cloud'MP104Direct
    2,450Cornus ser. 'Flaviramea'MP104Direct
    10.000+Cornus ser. 'Kelseyi'MP150Direct
    4,900Cornus ser. 'White Gold'MP104Direct
    10.000+Cotoneaster atrop. 'Variegatus'MP150Week 8 2024
    10.000+Cotoneaster dammeriMP150Week 8 2024
    10.000+Cotoneaster horizontalisMP150Week 8 2024
    2,450Cotoneaster pr. 'Queen of Carpets'MP150Direct
    5,100Cotoneaster pr. 'Streib's Findling'MP150Direct
    7,300Cotoneaster radicans 'Eichholz'MP150Direct
    6,400Cotoneaster suec. 'Coral Beauty'MP150Direct
    5,700Cotoneaster suec. 'Skogholm'MP150Direct
    10.000+Deutzia gracilisMP150Direct
    7,200Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'MP150Direct
    2,850Deutzia hybrida 'Mont Rose'MP104Direct
    2,250Deutzia 'Rosea Plena' (Pink Pom-Pom)MP104Direct
    4,850Deutzia hybrida 'Strawberry Fields'MP104Direct
    1,500Deutzia hybrida 'Tourbillon Rouge'MP104Direct
    1,800Deutzia purp. 'Kalmiiflora'MP150Direct
    2,750Deutzia scabra 'Plena'MP104Direct
    500Deutzia scabra 'Pride of Rochester'MP104Direct
    2,650Diervilla lonicera 'Dilon'MP104Direct
    800Diervilla rivularis 'Diva' PBR ®MP104Direct
    2,250Diervilla rivularis 'Troja Black'MP104Direct
    1,600Diervilla sessilifoliaMP104Direct
    4,400Diervilla sessilifolia 'Butterfly'MP104Direct
    4,500Diervilla splendensMP104Direct
    2,300Escallonia 'Donard Seedling'MP150Direct
    9,200Euonymus alatusMP150Direct
    4,550Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'MP150Direct
    2,100Euonymus fort. 'Coloratus'MP150Direct
    650Euonymus fort. 'Dart's Blanket'MP150Direct
    8,900Euonymus fort. 'Emerald Gaiety'MP150Direct
    10.000+Euonymus fort. 'Emerald 'n Gold'MP150Direct
    1,800Forsythia 'Goldrausch'MP104Direct
    3,550Forsythia int. 'Lynwood'MP104Direct
    6,800Forsythia int. 'Minigold'MP104Direct
    4,750Forsythia int. 'Spectabilis'MP104Direct
    10.000+Forsythia int. 'Week-End'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hedera helixMP150Direct
    10.000+Hedera hibernicaMP104Direct
    4,800Hibiscus syr. 'Blue Chiffon' ('Notwood3'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    650Hibiscus syr. 'China Chiffon' ('Bricutts'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    2,400Hibiscus syr. 'Duc de Brabant'MP150Direct
    300Hibiscus syr. 'Mathilde'MP150Direct
    3,100Hibiscus syr. 'Pink Chiffon' ('Jwnwood4'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    400Hibiscus syr. 'Red Heart'MP150Direct
    550Hibiscus syr. 'Sanchoyo'MP150Direct
    1,550Hibiscus syr. White Chiffon ('Notwoodtwo'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    1,800Hibiscus syr. 'Flower Tower White' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,400Hippophae rhamnoides 'Hikul'MP150Week 8 2024
    10.000+Hydrangea arb. 'Annabelle'MP104Direct
    8,400Hydrangea macr. 'Alpenglühen'MP104Direct
    4,900Hydrangea macr. 'Blaumeise'MP104Direct
    6,900Hydrangea macr. 'Bodensee'MP104Direct
    8,600Hydrangea macr. 'Bouquet Rose'MP104Direct
    3,350Hydrangea macr. 'Deutschland'MP104Direct
    1,250Hydrangea macr. 'Fasan'MP104Direct
    3,000Hydrangea macr. 'Gertrud Glahn'MP104Direct
    1,150Hydrangea macr. 'Glowing Embers'MP104Direct
    1,200Hydrangea macr. 'Green Shadow'MP104Direct
    600Hydrangea macr. 'Hamburg'MP104Direct
    1,350Hydrangea macr. 'King George VII'MP104Direct
    800Hydrangea macr. 'Lady in Red'MP104Direct
    2,900Hydrangea macr. 'Lavbla' (Blauer Zwerg)MP104Direct
    8,500Hydrangea macr. 'Leuchtfeuer'MP104Direct
    2,300Hydrangea macr. 'Libelle'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea macr. 'Masja' (Sibilla)MP104Direct
    1,400Hydrangea macr. 'Mariesii Perfecta'MP104Direct
    1,800Hydrangea macr. 'Messelina'MP104Direct
    1,800Hydrangea macr. 'Mini Hornli' (Hornli)MP104Direct
    650Hydrangea macr. 'Miss Hepburn'MP104Direct
    550Hydrangea macr. 'You&Me Miss Saori' PBR ®MP104Direct
    6,900Hydrangea macr. 'Mme E. Mouillère'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea macr. 'Nikko Blue'MP104Direct
    150Hydrangea macr 'Peppermint' ('RIE 13'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    3,600Hydrangea macr. 'Princess Diana' ('H213'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    7,200Hydrangea macr. 'Red Baron' (Schone Bautznerin)MP104Direct
    1,000Hydrangea macr. 'Rotkehlchen'MP104Direct
    3,750Hydrangea macr. 'Snowball'MP104Direct
    3,550Hydrangea macr. 'Soeur Thérèse'MP104Direct
    5,500Hydrangea macr. 'You&Me Together' ('Youmefive'PBR) MP104Direct
    1,450Hydrangea macr. 'Wudu'PBR ®MP104Direct
    3,200Hydrangea macr. 'Yola'MP104Direct
    5,000Hydrangea pan. 'Baby Lace' ('PIIHP1'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    3,200Hydrangea pan. 'Candlelight' PBR ®MP104Direct
    1,300Hydrangea pan. 'Dharuma'MP104Direct
    7,100Hydrangea pan. 'Diamant Rouge'® ('Rendia'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    3,200Hydrangea pan. 'Diamantino'® ('Ren101'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    1,200Hydrangea pan. 'Early Sensation' PBR ®MP104Direct
    2,500Hydrangea pan. 'Fraise Melba'® ('Renba'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Grandiflora'MP104Direct
    4,150Hydrangea pan. 'Graffiti' PBR®MP104Direct
    7,100Hydrangea pan. 'Hercules' PBR ®MP104Direct
    2,550Hydrangea pan. 'Kyushu'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Limelight' PBR ®MP104Direct
    5,400Hydrangea pan. 'Little Spooky' PBR®MP104Direct
    700Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Andes' PBR ®MP104Direct
    1,800Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Candle' PBR ®MP104Direct
    1,700Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Fire' PBR ®MP104Direct
    1,450Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Matterhorn' PBR ®MP104Direct
    3,450Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Mont Blanc' PBR ®MP104Direct
    3,350Hydrangea pan. 'Magical Summer' PBR ®MP104Direct
    4,000Hydrangea pan. 'Pastelgreen'® ('Rencolor'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Phantom'MP104Direct
    9,800Hydrangea pan. 'Pink Diamond'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Pink Lady'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Polar Bear' PBR ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Polestar' PBR ®MP104Direct
    4,050Hydrangea pan. 'Prim White'® ('Dolprim'PBR)MP104Direct
    9,900Hydrangea pan. 'Silver Dollar'MP104Direct
    5,100Hydrangea pan. 'Skyfall' PBR®MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Sundae Fraise'® ('Rensun'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    4,150Hydrangea pan. 'Tardiva'MP104Direct
    10.000+Hydrangea pan. 'Vanille-Fraise' ® ('Renhy'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    3,050Hydrangea pan. 'Wim's Red' PBR ®MP104Direct
    8,900Hydrangea serr. 'Bluebird'MP104Direct
    300Hydrangea serr. 'Intermedia'MP104Direct
    1,450Hypericum calycinumMP150Direct
    3,400Hypericum kal. 'Gemo'MP150Direct
    2,950Hypericum 'Hidcote'MP150Direct
    7,300Ilex crenata Jolex1 'Green Diamond' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,000Ilex aquifoliumMP104Direct
    750Ilex aq. 'Alaska'MP104Direct
    2,850Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' PBR ®MP104Direct
    1,200Ilex meserveae 'Heckenpracht' PBR ®MP104Direct
    300Ilex meserveae 'Heckenstar' PBR ®MP104Direct
    6,700Lavandula ang. 'Alba'MP150Direct
    3,600Lavandula ang. 'Dwarf Blue'MP150Direct
    10.000+Lavandula ang. 'Hidcote'MP150Direct
    8,000Lavandula ang. 'Munstead'MP150Direct
    3,900Lavandula ang. 'Platinum Blonde' ('Momparler'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    6,600Lavandula ang. 'Rosea'MP150Direct
    2,800Lavandula int. 'Dutch'MP150Direct
    7,400Lavandula int. 'Grosso'MP150Direct
    4,350Lavandula int. 'Phenomenal' ('Niko'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    6,900Lavandula st. 'Blue Star'MP150Direct
    10.000+Ligustrum ovalifoliumMP150Direct
    6,400Ligustrum oval. 'Aureum'MP150Direct
    6,600Ligustrum oval. 'Green Diamond' PBR ®MP150Direct
    7,600Ligustrum oval. 'Little Green Diamond' PBR ®MP150Direct
    550Ligustrum vulg. 'Atrovirens'MP150Direct
    4,200Lonicera nit. 'Elegant'MP150Direct
    6,100Lonicera nit. 'Hohenheim. Findling'MP150Direct
    10.000+Lonicera nit. 'Maigrün'MP150Direct
    5,100Lonicera pileataMP150Direct
    1,600Myrica galeMP150Week 8 2024
    10.000+Osmanthus burkwoodiiMP150Direct
    1,050Pachysandra term. 'Green Carpet'MP150Week 15 2024
    150Pachysandra term. 'Variegata'MP150Week 15 2024
    9,300Perovskia atriplicif. 'Blue Spire'MP150Direct
    1,350Perovskia atriplicif. 'Lacey Blue' ('Lisslitt') PBRMP150Direct
    6,300Perovskia atriplicif. 'Little Spire' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,100Perovskia atriplicif. 'Silvery Blue' ('Lissvery') PBRMP150Direct
    350Philadelphus cor. 'Aureus'MP104Direct
    5,100Philadelphus coronariusMP104Direct
    550Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine'MP104Direct
    7,100Philadelphus 'Schneesturm'MP104Direct
    10.000+Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin'MP150Direct
    3,450Photinia fraseri 'Magical Volcano' PBR ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'MP104Direct
    2,550Physocarpus opul. 'Andre'MP104Direct
    10.000+Physocarpus opul. 'Dart's Gold'MP104Direct
    4,750Physocarpus opul. 'Diable d'Or'® ('Mindia'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    10.000+Physocarpus opul. 'Diabolo' MP104Direct
    2,400Physocarpus opul. 'Lady in Red' ('Tuilad'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    4,150Physocarpus opul. 'Little Angel' ('Hoogi016'PBR) ®MP104Direct
    1,350Physocarpus opul. 'Little Greeny' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,200Physocarpus opul. 'Little Joker' ('Hoogi021'PBR) ®MP150Direct
    3,900Physocarpus opul. 'Luteus'MP104Direct
    8,700Physocarpus opul. 'Red Baron'MP104Direct
    1,800Physocarpus opul. 'Schuch'MP104Direct
    250Physocarpus opul. 'Tiny Wine' PBR ®MP150Direct
    2,150Physocarpus opul. 'Zdechovice'MP104Direct
    10.000+Potentilla f. 'Abbotswood'MP150Direct
    400Potentilla f. 'Annette'MP150Direct
    1,500Potentilla f. 'Bella Bianca' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,250Potentilla f. 'Bellissima' PBR ®MP150Direct
    500Potentilla f. 'Bella Sol' PBR ®MP150Direct
    4,250Potentilla f. 'Dart's Golddigger'MP150Direct
    1,950Potentilla f. 'Daydawn'MP150Direct
    3,500Potentilla f. 'Elizabeth'MP150Direct
    10.000+Potentilla f. 'Goldfinger'MP150Direct
    1,050Potentilla f. 'Goldstar'MP150Direct
    8,500Potentilla f. 'Goldteppich'MP150Direct
    2,200Potentilla f. 'Hopleys Orange'MP150Direct
    1,250Potentilla f. 'Klondike'MP150Direct
    9,700Potentilla f. 'Kobold'MP150Direct
    750Potentilla f. 'Lovely Pink' (Pink Beauty) PBR ®MP150Direct
    200Potentilla f. 'Mango Tango' PBR ®MP150Direct
    6,500Potentilla f. 'Marian Red Robin' (Marrob)MP150Direct
    650Potentilla f. 'McKay's White'MP150Direct
    400Potentilla f. 'Orange Star'MP150Direct
    1,250Potentilla f. 'New Dawn'MP150Direct
    7,100Potentilla f. 'Red Ace'MP150Direct
    1,450Potentilla f. 'Sommerflor'MP150Direct
    1,900Potentilla f. 'Tangerine'MP150Direct
    1,750Potentilla f. 'Tilford Cream'MP150Direct
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Ani' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    6,700Prunus laur. 'Antonius' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    2,000Prunus laur. 'Bonaparte' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Caucasica'MP104Week 19 2024
    1,000Prunus laur. 'Cherry Brandy'MP104Week 19 2024
    6,400Prunus laur. 'Elly' ® ('VERSTRA'PBR) ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Etna' ® ('Anbri'PBR) ®MP104Week 19 2024
    4,850Prunus laur. 'Gabi' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    3,650Prunus laur. 'Herbergii'MP104Week 19 2024
    2,500Prunus laur. 'Josa' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    1,000Prunus laur. 'Kleopatra' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Genolia' ® ('Mariblon'PBR) ®MP104Week 19 2024
    1,650Prunus laur. 'Nero' PBR ®MP150Week 19 2024
    7,500Prunus laur. 'Nero' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Novita'MP104Week 19 2024
    5,000Prunus laur. 'Obelisk' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Otto Luyken'MP150Week 19 2024
    2,000Prunus laur. 'Otto Supreme' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    1,000Prunus laur. 'Polster'MP150Week 19 2024
    1,000Prunus laur. 'Reynvaanii'MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'MP104Week 19 2024
    4,000Prunus laur. 'Zsofi' (Filigrow Sofia) PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    10.000+Prunus lus. 'Angustifolia'MP104Week 19 2024
    2,000Prunus lus. 'Brenelia' PBR ®MP104Week 19 2024
    5,200Pyracantha cocc. 'Red Column'MP150Week 2 2024
    10.000+Pyracantha cocc. 'Red Cushion'MP150Week 10 2024
    2,700Pyracantha 'Firelight'MP150Week 2 2024
    3,250Pyracantha 'Golden Charmer'MP150Week 2 2024
    4,200Pyracantha 'Orange Glow'MP150Week 2 2024
    2,650Pyracantha 'Soleil d'Or'MP150Week 2 2024
    1,350Pyracantha 'Teton'MP150Week 2 2024
    1,950Ribes sang. 'King Edward VII'MP104Week 2 2024
    1,900Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'MP150Direct
    850Sambucus nigra 'Obelisk' PBR ®MP84Direct
    10.000+Spiraea betulifolia 'Island'MP150Direct
    6,200Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor'MP150Direct
    7,900Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor Gold' PBR ®MP150Direct
    5,300Spiraea billiardiiMP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea cinerea 'Grefsheim'MP150Direct
    2,750Spiraea decumbensMP150Direct
    3,150Spiraea densifloraMP150Direct
    4,900Spiraea japonica 'Albiflora'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Anthony Waterer'MP150Direct
    3,500Spiraea japonica 'Crispa'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Dart's Red'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Genpei'MP150Direct
    400Spiraea japonica 'Golden Carpet' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,500Spiraea japonica 'Golden Jack' PBR ®MP150Direct
    5,200Spiraea japonica 'Golden Princess'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Goldflame'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Goldmound'MP150Direct
    10.000+Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'MP150Direct
    1,650Spiraea japonica 'Magic Carpet' PBR ®MP150Direct
    1,000Spiraea japonica 'Manon'MP150Direct
    950Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash'MP150Direct
    1,150Spiraea japonica 'Zigeunerblut'MP150Direct
    2,000Spiraea nipp. 'June Bride'MP150Direct
    2,900Spiraea nipp. 'Snowmound'MP150Direct
    600Spiraea thunbergiiMP150Direct
    5,700Spiraea vanhoutteiMP150Direct
    10.000+Stephanandra incisa 'Crispa'MP150Direct
    10.000+Symphoricarpos chen. 'Hancock'MP150Direct
    3,600Symphoricarpos d. 'Magic Berry'MP150Direct
    1,350Symphoricarpos d. 'Mother of Pearl'MP150Direct
    1,050Symphoricarpos d. 'White Hedge'MP150Direct
    1,400Syringa chinensis 'Saugeana'MP150Direct
    1,900Syringa 'Josée'MP150Direct
    2,000Syringa josikaeaMP150Direct
    9,400Viburnum opulus 'Roseum'MP104Direct
    2,550Viburnum rhytid. 'Little Snowball' PBR ®MP104Week 8 2024
    4,900Vinca majorMP150Week 8 2024
    5,400Vinca major 'Maculata'MP150Week 8 2024
    5,400Vinca major 'Variegata'MP150Week 8 2024
    5,900Vinca minorMP150Week 8 2024
    3,250Vinca minor 'Alba'MP150Week 8 2024
    4,050Vinca minor 'Argenteovariegata'MP150Week 8 2024
    4,350Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea'MP150Week 8 2024
    5,400Vinca minor 'Aureovariegata'MP150Week 8 2024
    6,000Vinca minor 'Gertrude Jekyll'MP150Week 8 2024
    5,700Vinca minor 'Illumination'MP150Week 8 2024
    4,050Vinca minor 'Ralph Shugert'MP150Week 8 2024
    8,300Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'MP104direct
    3,600Weigela 'Bristol Snowflake'MP104direct
    3,400Weigela 'Candida'MP104direct
    3,000Weigela 'Eva Rathke'MP104direct
    900Weigela 'Evita'MP104direct
    2,600Weigela flor. 'Alexandra'PBR ®MP104direct
    1,400Weigela florida Black and White® ('Courtacad 1'PBR) ®MP104direct
    200Weigela flor. 'Moulin Rouge' ('Brigela'PBR) ®MP104direct
    8,200Weigela flor. 'Foliis Purpureis'MP150direct
    1,400Weigela flor. 'Marjorie'MP104direct
    2,550Weigela flor. 'Minor Black' PBR ®MP150direct
    10.000+Weigela flor. 'Nana Purpurea'MP150direct
    6,200Weigela flor. 'Pink Poppet' ('Plangen'PBR) ®MP104direct
    2,000Weigela flor. 'Pink Princess'MP104direct
    4,150Weigela flor. 'Sunny Princess'MP104direct
    2,350Weigela flor. 'Tango'MP150direct
    7,700Weigela flor. 'Variegata'MP104direct
    3,950Weigela flor. 'Victoria'MP150direct
    1,900Weigela 'Minuet'MP150direct
    8,800Weigela 'Nana Variegata'MP104direct
    5,200Weigela 'Newport Red'MP104direct
    200Weigela 'Olympiade'MP104direct
    2,850Weigela 'Red Prince'MP104direct
    3,900Weigela 'Rumba'MP150direct
    400Weigela florida 'Wings of Fire'PBR ®MP104direct
    10.000+Rosa miniature 'Pink'MP104Direct
    10.000+Rosa miniature 'Red'MP104Direct
    10.000+Rosa miniature 'White'MP104Direct
    10.000+Rosa miniature 'Yellow'MP104Direct
    10.000+Rosa (H) 'Sea Foam'MP104Direct
    10.000+Chamaecyparis l. 'Ellwoodii'MP144Week 19 2024
    1,550Chamaecyparis l. 'Ellwood's Gold'MP144Direct
    10.000+Chamaecyparis l. 'Ivonne'MP144Direct
    3,100Chamaecyparis l. 'Stardust'MP144Direct
    4,350Chamaecyparis l. 'Van Pelt's Blue'MP144Direct
    7,900Chamaecyparis l. 'White Spot'MP144Direct
    9,800Cupressocyparis l. 'Green Rocket' PBR ®MP144Direct
    7,200Juniperus chin. 'Blue Alps'MP144Direct
    9,000Juniperus chin. 'Stricta'MP144Direct
    2,350Juniperus comm. 'Arnold'MP144Direct
    7,500Juniperus comm. 'Gold Cone'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus comm. 'Goldschatz'MP144Direct
    4,600Juniperus comm. 'Green Carpet'MP144Direct
    9,800Juniperus comm. 'Hibernica'MP144Direct
    3,500Juniperus comm. 'Suecica'MP144Direct
    150Juniperus conferta 'Schlager'MP144Direct
    8,600Juniperus hor. 'Golden Carpet'MP144Direct
    2,500Juniperus hor. 'Limeglow'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Gold Coast'MP144Direct
    5,600Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Gold Star'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Goldkissen'MP144Direct
    1,450Juniperus pfitzeriana 'King of Spring'MP144Direct
    6,500Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Old Gold'MP144Direct
    2,250Juniperus pingii 'Loderi'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus scop. 'Blue Arrow'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'MP144Direct
    10.000+Juniperus squamata 'Blue Swede'MP144Direct
    6,100Juniperus squamata 'Holger'MP144Direct
    5,800Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri'MP144Direct
    9,300Picea glauca 'Conica'MP144Direct
    9,800Picea glauca 'December' PBRMP144Direct
    350Taxus b. 'Anna' PBR ®MP144Direct
    4,450Taxus b. 'Best Globe' PBR ®MP144Direct
    1,350Taxus b. 'Nana'MP144Direct
    10.000+Taxus media 'Hicksii'MP144Direct
    10.000+Taxus media 'Hillii'MP144Direct
    1,500Taxus media 'Kazio' PBR ®MP144Direct
    2,100Taxus media 'Tymin' PBR ®MP144Direct
    4,000Thuja occ. 'Anniek' PBR ®MP144Week 19 2024
    7,400Thuja occ. 'Bowlingball'MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Brabant'MP144Direct
    4,750Thuja occ. 'Columna'MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Danica'MP144Direct
    7,000Thuja occ. 'Danica Aurea'MP144Direct
    8,000Thuja occ. 'Globosa'MP144Direct
    2,300Thuja occ. 'Golden Anne' PBR ®MP144Direct
    4,600Thuja occ. 'Golden Brabant' PBR ®MP144Direct
    1,950Thuja occ. 'Golden Globe'MP144Direct
    4,400Thuja occ. 'Golden Tuffet'MP144Direct
    3,400Thuja occ. 'Green Egg' PBR ®MP144Direct
    8,900Thuja occ. 'Holmstrup'MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Jantar' PBR ®MP144Direct
    4,450Thuja occ. 'Joska'MP144Direct
    3,550Thuja occ. 'King of Brabant' PBRMP144Direct
    300Thuja occ. 'Little Champion'MP144Direct
    1,450Thuja occ. 'Malonyana'MP144Direct
    5,600Thuja occ. 'Malonyana Aurea'MP144Direct
    7,600Thuja occ. 'Maria' PBR ®MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Mirjam' PBR ®MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Pyramidalis Compacta'MP144Direct
    3,050Thuja occ. 'Rheingold'MP144Direct
    4,850Thuja occ. 'Salland'MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja occ. 'Smaragd'MP144Direct
    6,400Thuja occ. 'Sunkist'MP144Direct
    4,000Thuja occ. 'Teddy'MP144Week 19 2024
    6,200Thuja occ. 'Waterfield'MP144Direct
    3,500Thuja occ. 'Yellow Ribbon'MP144Direct
    10.000+Thuja orient. 'Aurea Nana'MP144Direct
    3,800Thuja orient. 'Pyramidalis Aurea'MP144Direct
    2,700Thuja plicata 'Atrovirens'MP144Direct
    2,400Thuja plicata 'Excelsa'MP144Direct
    10.000+Ligustrum oval. 'Green Diamond' PBR ®60-80 br 0+2Direct
    3,250Prunus laur. 'Novita'125-150 RBDirect
    350Taxus b. 'Best Globe' PBR ®35 cm rb BallDirect
    4,500Taxus b. 'Best Hedge' PBR ®80-100 rbDirect
    Seedlings in plug minumum 500
    4,000Cotoneaster simonsiiP500Direct
    10.000+Magnolia sieboldiiP500Direct
    10.000+Syringa vulgarisP500Direct
    10.000+Abies concolorP500Direct
    9,000Abies fraseriP500Direct
    2,500Abies lasiocarpaP500Direct
    7,500Abies nordmannianaP500Direct
    7,500Chamaecyparis lawsonianaP500Direct
    10.000+Picea abiesP500Direct
    7,500Pinus cembraP500Direct
    10.000+Pinus mugo pumilioP500Direct
    10.000+Pinus peuceP500Direct
    5,500Pinus uncinataP500Direct
    Grasses and peranials
    3,000Acorus gramineus 'Argenteostriatus'MP84Week 2 2024
    3,000Acorus gramineus 'Golden Delight'MP84Week 2 2024
    5,000Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Ajuga reptans 'Atropurpurea'MP150Week 2 2024
    10.000+Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'MP150Week 2 2024
    10.000+Alchemilla mollisMP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Aster ageratoides 'Ashvi'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Aster agreratoides 'Asmo'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Aster ageratoides 'Asran'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Aster ageratoides 'Stardust'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Aster div. 'Pr. Anton Kippenberg'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Bergenia cordifolia 'Rotblum'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Calamagrostis acut. 'Karl Foerster'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Calamagrostis acut. 'Overdam'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Calamagrostis brachytrichaMP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex buchananiiMP104Week 2 2024
    5,000Carex c. 'Bronze Form'MP84Week 2 2024
    5,000Carex comans 'Frosted Curls'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex fol. 'Irish Green'MP84Week 12 2024
    5,000Carex grayiMP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex morrowiiMP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex morrowii 'Goldband'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex morowii 'Ice Dance'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex morrowii 'Variegata'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex p. 'Milk Chocolate'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Carex t. 'Prairie Fire'MP84Week 16 2024
    10.000+Ceratostigma plumbaginoidesMP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Deschampsia cespitosaMP84week 18 2024
    10.000+Deschampsia cesp. 'Bronzeschleier'MP84Week 12 2024
    10.000+Deschampsia cesp. 'Goldschleier'MP84Week 12 2024
    10.000+Deschampsia cesp. 'Goldtau'MP84Week 12 2024
    10.000+Echinacea purp. 'Alba'MP104Week 2 2024
    9,700Echinacea purp. 'Magnus'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'MP150Week 2 2024
    10.000+Gaura l. 'Short Form'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Gaura l. 'Siskiyou Pink'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Gaura lindh. 'Whirling Butterflies'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium cantabrigiense 'Biokovo'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Geranium cant. 'St. Ola'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium cantabrigiense 'Cambridge'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Geranium cantabrigiense 'Karmina'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium endressii 'Wargrave Pink'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium himalayense 'Gravetye'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium macrorrhizumMP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium macr. 'Bevan's Variety'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium macr. 'Ingwersen's Var.'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Geranium sang. 'Album'MP104Week 2 2024
    5,000Hemerocallis citrinaMP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Hemerocallis 'Autumn Red'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'MP84Week 2 2024
    5,000Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Liriope muscari 'Ingwersen'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker'MP51Week 2 2024
    9,800Liriope muscari 'Monroe White'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Liriope muscari 'Purple Passion'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Luzula niveaMP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Luzula pilosa 'Igel'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Luzula sylvaticaMP104Week 2 2024
    2,000Miscanthus sin. 'Adagio'MP51Week 2 2024
    700Miscanthus sin. 'Cabaret'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Dronning Ingrid'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Ferner Osten'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Floridules'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Miscanthus sin. 'Gracillimus'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Malepartus'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Miscanthus sin. 'Morning Light'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Graziella'MP51Week 2 2024
    1,500Miscanthus sin. 'Kleine Fontäne'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Kleine Silberspinne'MP51Week 2 2024
    7,500Miscanthus sin. 'Silberfeder'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Miscanthus sin. 'Strictus'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Miscanthus sin. 'Strictus Dwarf'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. purpurascensMP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Variegatus'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Miscanthus sin. 'Yakushima Dwarf'MP51Week 2 2024
    5,000Molinia c. 'Edith DudszusMP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Molinia caerulea 'Heidebraut'MP104Week 16 2024
    8,500Ophiopogon plan. 'Nigrescens'MP51Week 2 2024
    10.000+Panicum virgatum 'Northwind'MP84Week 2 2024
    5,000Panicum virgatum 'Strictum'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Pennisetum alopecuroidesMP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Pennisetum al. 'Hameln'MP84Week 2 2024
    2,500Pennisetum al. 'Little Honey'MP84Week 2 2024
    10.000+Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'MP84Week 15 2024
    10.000+Persicaria aff. 'Darjeeling Red'MP104Week 2 2024
    5,000Persicaria aff. 'Kabouter'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Persicaria aff. 'Superba'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Persicaria amplex. 'Alba'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Persicaria amplex. 'Speciosa'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Sedum 'Matrona'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Sedum spectabile 'Brillant'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Sedum 'Herbstfreude'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Sesleria autumnalisMP84Week 12 2024
    10.000+Sesleria caeruleaMP84Week 12 2024
    10.000+Stipa arundaniceaMP84Week 16 2024
    10.000+Stipa ten. 'Pony Tails'MP104Week 16 2024
    10.000+Verbena bonariensisMP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Veronica spicata 'Heidekind'MP104Week 2 2024
    10.000+Waldsteinia ternatamp126Week 2 2024