Kees de Jong – founder and owner of the nursery
Even in my youth, I liked working with plants. I still like it. I’m still fascinated by the beauty and changeability of nature. Therefore I wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

The fascination with nature resulted in a specialized nursery, where we produce about 7 million rooted cuttings of deciduous and coniferous plants in nearly 700 varieties every year. Initially, at the beginning of his work, Kees was producing bigger plants in containers and in the open field, but more than 30 years ago he decided to specialize in rooted cuttings.

What makes Heco special:

When you order plants from Heco, you benefit from decades of our experience. The seedlings you buy:

  • come from their own mother plants with a guaranteed purity of the sort.
  • have a strong and extensive root system that facilitates rooting in a larger container.
  • are well-formed and well-branched because we trim them regularly to obtain consistent quality.
  • are healthy and pest-free. The nursery staff and external advisers monitor the health of young plants on an ongoing basis and do everything to let production go smoothly. If there is such a need, we use biological plant protection products because we respect nature, plants, and our employees.
  • are professionally and safely packed and delivered on time.
Our offer

Every year, we provide our customers, nurserymen in Europe and out of Europe, with approximately 7 million rooted cuttings. In addition to our standard offer, which includes nearly 700 varieties, we also carry out special orders:
• If we know how to do it well and efficiently, without unnecessary risk, we produce larger batches of seedlings for individual orders.
• We propagate new varieties and in this way, we help breeders to spread their plants.

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The latest stock list and orders fulfillment

We publish a new offer at the turn of July and August, orders (by e-mail to we accept already in June and July. We send seedlings mainly from mid-March to mid-July, but in fact, we send the plants all year round. If nature allows us, we adjust the date of plant delivery to the customer of the need.

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New varieties

Nature creates new varieties, but needs our support to preserve and spread them. At Heco, we feel honored to be involved in this process. Every year, we breed new plants and introduce interesting and unique varieties grown by our fellow nurserymen around the world.

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